May The Force Be With You

At the age of 14 it was as if Yoda had tapped me on the shoulder and said “May the entrepreneurial force be with you”. I was a money crazed, success hungry school boy with the goal to earn my first million by 20. I set up my first business in year 9 called “No Job Too Small” Homer Village’s first gardening/handy man service. It was fantastic, my main customers were the local OAP’s and they loved me. I made a small fortune while studying my GCSE’s and A-Levels. However, I realised that earning a million pounds as the village gardener was far from realistic so I started to to think about different business ideas. I had hundreds but I never had the resources, know how or contacts to start them.

I took action on some of my ideas such as “Extreme Training Performance”. A business I set up that sourced and imported fitness equipment from china and then re-branded them with my logo. I sold the fitness equipment on eBay and to personal trainers.


I also set up “Bath In a Box” which sourced hand made natural bath products for women. The products were put together in a gift box and sold at fairs.

Both business made a profit but never took off! My entrepreneurial spirit dwindled due to not achieving my million pound goal by twenty.  I never understood why I couldn’t set up a successful business that was scalable. That was until I had my “Aha!” moment in my second Setting Up A Business tutorial!

The “aha!” Moment

I realised I wasn’t alone. There are some fantastic resources available to students and young entrepreneurs such as Networking Classes, External Business Guidance, Business Mentors, Learning Schemes, Business Competitions, Angels, Seminars and Training Programmes that I didn’t know about before. All these years I had put too much pressure to develop a successful business on my own without external help. I was a “One man Wolf Pack” fighting to succeed in the Darwinian world of business.

The Fantastic 5

With the help of in-class networking and our individual presentations, the true fantastic 5 has been formed. The group and I are excited to have a mentor outside our circle of friends and circle of direct influence, who can push us towards success.

The video below explains the importance of having a business mentor.

Peter Johnston – The Importance of Business Mentors

Tools For The Future

I will take away the importance of networking from my first two lectures. Meeting new people by stepping out of my comfort zone will allow me to gain invaluable human resources that I can utilise after graduation. The people I meet in this module and during university will help shape my future.  I will also take full advantage of existing support packages that will push me closer to success, such as business mentors and competitions.

Now I have my entrepreneurial Mojo back and a fantastic support network behind me. I have decided to push back my goal of earning a Million Pounds by 5 years. A 25 year old millionaire is better then not being a millionaire at all!

Sharpening The Spear

Below I have added some useful links on why networking is important for business.

NYSE President: I owe every job I’ve ever had to networking

Business Insider – The Importance Of Networking

Business Communication Duplicate model


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