We have smashed through our creative barriers and have now developed a fantastic idea for a product! After applying the steps of how to remain creative under pressure we identified three potential product ideas.

We arranged a meeting with our mentor to discuss the options. His feedback was vital in our decision. He liked all of our ideas and told us to go away and look at the following three areas.

  • Manufacture
  • Competitors
  • Time-scale feasibility

After the group conducted some lengthy research we made our decision…  THE ICE CAP!

The Ice Cap is a a two part product. A re-sealable cap that fits your average drinks tin and is a tailored can warmer.

My only concern was that the group wasn’t passionate about the product. After attending the Enterprise Insights presentation, I identified that it is vital to be passionate in order for a start up to be successful.

As the “Managing Director”, I sat the team down and fired them up. The group seemed motivated to start the project and passion started to ignite for the product. I don’t think the product itself ignited the passion but what motivated the team was the ownerships of roles within the start up.

I wanted to know if it is a necessity to love the product in order to sell it; and after a lot of researching I have come to the conclusion you don’t have to!

Below I have attached some fantastic articles on why loving your product isn’t important.

Don’t get me wrong, the team doesn’t dislike the product, it’s just they aren’t completely excited about it. That being said, we believe in the product. All of us agree it solves a problem and deserves a space on the shelves.

As the “Managing Director” it is up to me to lead the team to success. If we can’t find passion in the product we have to find excitment in doing the best in our marketing, accounting, logistics and sales activities! Empowerment in each discipline, emphasising to take ownership and managing effectively should drive us to success, not the excitement and deep passion in the product.

To improve my motivational management skills, I have turned to Ted Talks. It is extremely important for me to be able to motivate people in order to be successful in the future.

The Video below has given me a better understanding on the theory of motivation.

Understanding the theory of motivation and developing my knowledge of both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation should help me to manage the group effectively.  By learning what motivates the group, we will hopefully achieve  excellent branding, advertising, supplier relations, networks, account management and much more. I believe that this is all achievable without a personal passion in the product.


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