Into To The Dragons Den

The dragons den presentation went extremely well! After hours or preparation and endless research on mastering the art of presenting, we nailed it.

Before the dragons den I had no experience presenting to a panel of judges and I have never pitched a product. Despite this, the panel seemed really engaged with the pitch. The content of the presentation convinced the panel we had a good product. The feedback was excellent! The judges told us “You have a real business here, I think you will make money.”

In order to prepare myself for the pitch I looked at the “18 Presentation Tips” supplied to us by the lecturer. There were 3 tips that really stood out to me and helped present in front of the panel.

The Tree Tips:

  • “Slow Down”

Slowing down my presentation allowed me to think about what I needed to say and allow for dramatic pauses and clarity of speech. A result of slowing down the presentation was that the panel could make appropriate notes and follow the flow.

  • “Get Practice”

The group practiced the presentation together around 20 times. The message I had to present, cemented in my head and auto pilot took over. This made me confident about the final presentation as I had the content down to a T. However I had to be careful I didn’t get complacent and forget to emphasise the key points and make it dramatic to entice the listeners.

  • “Have Fun”

Having fun was the most important tip that helped the group and I to relax and enjoy the experience. Making the presentation fun reduced the amount of pressure we initially put ourselves under, making our message clear and hopefully captivating.

Sharpening the Spear

After our feedback and being told we had a real product that could make money, I wanted to improve my presentation skills so I could ACE the next presentation and get some of that Young Enterprise money!

A very dated but useful video I found was “The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs”. Steve Jobs is a fantastic presenter that engages and lures his listeners in to what he has to say. Not only that, he helped set up one of the world’s most valuable businesses.

The video can be found below:

The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs

Two “secrets” of the video I would like to take forward to our next presentation are:

  • Set the theme

Next time I would like to set the theme at the begging of the presentation to get the audience excited about what’s to come.

  • Buzz words

I need to use more amazing, super doper, fantastic, awesomely epic buzz words in my presentation! This will make our product sound more exciting and retain the listener’s attention.

Below is a like to buzz words I hope to use in my next presentation.

Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue



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