Sell Sell Sell!

We have around 4 weeks to Identify, organise and arrange our points of sale before our products arrive from china. Our mentor has given us the objective to start selling units by the 14th of January.

Rachel Elnaugh highlighted at the Enterprise Insight event, the importance of the 3 legged business model and how it aids business development.

The Three Legged Business Model:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Operations
  • Developing Value

This highlighted the importance of how all three legs have to be strong and well developed in order to be successful. This being said as we have a target to sell by the 14th of January I need to get cracking on where were going to sell the product!

Our initial thought was to sell our product to friends and family, independent stores and online. Then Rachel Elnaugh said it is important to first sell your product to a niche, then build from there. The talk has made me think we need to make our points of sales more specific in order to sell to our target audience:

  • Students
  • Travellers & Commuters
  • Beach Bums
  • Shoppers

We need to make sure our marketing attracts our target audience and make sure its position in high traffic areas that exposes our product to our intended customers. To understand what needs to be done to sell our product I searched why Apple’s branding and sales secrets.

This is what I found!

7 Reasons why your brand will never be as awesome as Apple

So basically I just have to do the opposite and I’m there! The best piece of advice that will help identify the appropriate point of sales and how to attract my customers though branding is point 5 ” You need to grow a pair”

Taking risk! I don’t know where exactly the product is going to sell best or what type of branding our customers prefers. The best thing about the module is that we can try everything until we find something that works. We aren’t expected to be experts in sales and distribution. We are encouraged to try new things and make mistakes. This is how were going to find out where and how to sell our product, through trial and error.

This week I will take with me the importance of the three legged business stool and to try things out if I haven’t got the answer!

As good old Albert once said “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”


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